The Power of Being Predictable

The foundation of any strong meat department is a dependable, consistent beef program. One sub-par consumer experience is one too many, so being predictably dependable pays.

The Star Ranch Angus® brand legacy of delivering consumers a truly great eating experience is a responsibility we take seriously. With trusted quality, strategic marketing and the industry-leading service of the Tyson Fresh Meats Team, we’re proud to be the main beef program of retailers across the nation.

SRA Plate Shot
SRA Wood Divider

Star Ranch Angus beef lets you offer shoppers a high-quality eating experience every time. We deliver the consistent quality and taste consumers demand:

  • 100% pure Angus beef, no added ingredients
  • USDA Choice and Select grades
  • Moderately thick or better muscling
  • No neck humps exceeding 2 inches
  • No dairy influence allowed
  • Grade "A" maturity
  • 1/4 inch trim specification

Stand-Out Angus is Always the Star

A partnership with the Star Ranch Angus brand team provides benefits that go beyond the meat case. You'll have access to superior customer service and marketing support that works for your bottom line. In a study comparing the sales of stores utilizing our branded elements with stores that did not, Star Ranch Angus branded beef contributed to a 13% increase in dollars and an 8% increase in volume.1

1Star Ranch Angus® Beef In-store Promotion Material Test Midan Marketing. Spring 2015

point of sale

Bigger Sales, Better Support

Through strategic marketing, industry-leading service and consistent quality, we help our partners build better business. Star Ranch Angus beef point-of-sale (POS) materials are easy to use and allow you to display brand messaging that's updated seasonally and positions Star Ranch Angus beef as the #1 choice for hard-working, value-seeking shoppers. Current materials include:

  • Case dividers
  • In-store signage
  • Brochures with recipes and coupons
  • Branded gloves and hats for meat department staff

Additionally, custom-created video content along with online promotions on the Star Ranch Angus social media platforms are always drumming up consumer interest through contests, themed posts and other giveaways.

Ensuring Your Customer's Satisfaction, Guaranteed

We want Star Ranch Angus beef to be the go-to choice your consumers serve to their family; so when our product doesn't meet their standard of excellence, it doesn't meet ours.

Our guarantee is simple, if ever a consumer is dissatisfied with our product, the Tyson Fresh Meats Team makes it right. Speak with your local Tyson Fresh Meats Team sales representative for more details and learn more by visiting our consumer-facing Satisfaction Guaranteed page.

Make the ordinary truly extraordinary with the quality of Star Ranch Angus Beef.