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Open Prairie® Natural* Meats

The Open Prairie Natural Meats brand, consisting of pork and Angus beef, delivers attributes that consumers want and that grow our partners' natural meats sales:

  • No Antibiotics - Ever
  • No Added Hormones or Growth Promotants**
  • Minimally Processed with No Artificial Ingredients
  • 100% Vegetarian Diet; No Animal Byproducts Except For Milk

The Openness Promise

The Open Prairie Natural Meats brand team takes openness seriously — so seriously in fact that it’s rooted in our brand name.

Simply put, being open means continually working to enhance communications and transparency with all of our partners, from the independent ranchers and farmers who supply our cattle and hogs, to the customers who purchase our products.

The Openness Promise details our commitment to you.

Our Commitment to Animal Well-Being

Being committed to animal well-being starts with meeting the needs of the animals we depend on, while providing our customers and consumers high quality products they expect.

Our Animal Well-Being Standards detail the policies we’ve put into place to improve the animals’ welfare and maintain low stress environments for them.

It’s all a part of our passion and our purpose – raising the world’s expectations of how much good food can do.

* Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.

**Federal regulations prohibit the use of added hormones or growth promotants in pork.

Where Sales and Service

Come Together Naturally

Backed by the industry-leading service of Tyson Fresh Meats, the Open Prairie Natural Meats sales and support team is committed to educating consumers seeking an all-natural brand. This is done with in-store-point-of-sale materials and an expertly cultivated online presence, providing clear answers and honest transparency, including:

Promotional Campaigns + Full Point-of-Sale Materials

Fresh campaigns and eye-catching branding keep the Open Prairie Natural Meats brand at the forefront of consumers' attention both in-store and online.

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Consumer Website + Social Media Presence

A hub for all things related to the Open Prairie Natural Meats brand, our consumer-facing site is continually updated with recipes and other healthy-living content, custom curated for our audience.

Driving traffic to the site is a carefully strategized social media presence, designed to connect with natural consumers to create brand awareness and interest.

Key Consumer Insight

To better understand the Open Prairie Natural Meats brand's target audience and learn more about their attitudes and behaviors, we continually analyze data and research findings from a variety of sources to inform strategy and educate our partners.

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